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Father my close friend,

One, we share blood,

The one, we share a name.

You, who praised by family,

Mercy was your habit,

You gave as you didn’t remember

That tomorrow is another day.

You lived with others as you were passing.


The luck I lost when I was kid,

Happiness I forgot at a young age.

My hero left my heart with emptiness,

My right hand, you left me when I was asleep.


Once I understood your story all I felt was shock.

I lied to my heart saying you will come back,

As time passes, it asks me heavy things,

To not give up, and remember that

I am not orphaned in the world.

There is no teacher of pain.


You didn’t leave as an irresponsible man,

You struggled for family benefit.

You left home as usual, but today was your last day

To go forever.

Where do you leave us dad? Whom do you leave with?

What is this loneliness! The world became big on us,

Like an ocean without a bridge, listening to voices of idle people, in enemy’s eyes is where you pass through.


Why did you go early dad? You left a kid and family,

You left neighbors and friends, what was your last word? I didn’t find a letter dad!

Why is mum being surprised? You left more responsibility, Dad.


I don’t want you feel bad dad, it is not my purpose.

In the community of men I didn’t see you there,

They ask me where you are and I look down,

The answer is far from me.

Tears cross in my eyes, I feel I will cry, and no one will care.


But wait, I will be there for you dad!

I will talk on your behalf. I will make you proud.

Dad, I will do something great in your memory.

Thank you for being you, dad.

Having you as my father is the greatest

Honor of my life.

All my love, always, to you.

My hero dad and powerful mum.  


                                           By: Hemedy Alexis, Mazimpaka

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