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Patrick with his Mother

One day there was a town which had many people. In that town there was a boy called Patrick. He was seven years old, and he was in primary school P6. Both his parents were alive, but that family was poor because Patrick’s father was a hunter.


Around that town there was a thick forest which had many animals, and there was another forest in the mountains. The mountains were near a volcano. In those days the volcano was asleep but five years before it had erupted. It was still considered dangerous.Suddenly, the volcano started to change. It started to emit signals, and it woke up.That evening Patrick’s father called him to speak with his mother and other friends. They came together and the father talked to Patrick.“You are now a child, and still young, but one day you will hunt. I wish for you to be a man. You must take a bow.” He gave him a bow because his father was a hunter. That is the father’s last words.


In the morning Patrick’s father went to hunt in the forest near the volcano, and while he was there, the volcano started to erupt. The people in town had to leave, and with them went Patrick with his mother. They went without the father, and later found out he died with other people.Patrick became an orphan, and the family became refuges. They were suffering and vulnerable. It seemed they were always crying , and they were hungry because they had no food. It was a difficult time.


Patrick was troubled in his mind, and he went to the street, and became a bad boy. He took drugs, became a drinker and went out in the morning and didn’t come back home until late in the night.Patrick’s mother was very sad because her son’s behavior. She sat alone and cried daily. One day, when she found Patrick was at home, his mother called the family friends, and she asked them to advise her son. They accepted the challenge, and they came to advise him.


Patrick said, “Okay. I am going to try to follow your suggestions and I am going to change my mind. I am going to change my behavior and I am going to be a good son. But, it is very difficult… because if I remember my father, I am very sad and I am troubled”.Those friends still wanted to help Patrick with his mother, so they sent him to school.


Patrick’s performance was not good, and he brought bad marks in at the end of the year. Patrick’s friends came again, and they told him, “Patrick, we gave you all you wanted. We paid for your school fees. Why don’t you perform well? Why don’t you follow the teachers and be in a studious mood?” Patrick said, “I respect you because you helped me, and I am trying to follow your advice.”


That evening Patrick left his mother’s home and went to the forest to be alone. While in the forest he knew he was where his father used to hunt. He took some time to think about himself, and he thought on the words his father told to him. He thought about his future.

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