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A short story about two children and their parents making a family


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Sometimes, we can meet someone who changes our life in an important way without them even knowing it. God is God and the mission of God is wonderful.


Here is the small story of two a girl and a boy who went to the same primary school. The girl was named Jamilla, and the boy, Eddy. Jamilla had no mother and Eddy had no father.


In the same classroom, both sat together. They did not know that they were both so similar. One day, the teacher asked Jamilla the name of her mother. She answered that she had no mother. She had her father, only. It was a similar case for Eddy, who had only his mother, but no father. Both Jamilla and Eddy had no sisters or brothers.


When the children were at school, everyone asked, where is your other parent? The answers was that each parent had died. Now, instead of being very sad in that fact, Jamilla and Eddy instead became like brother and sister. Jamilla said to Eddy that she wanted him to meet her father. She felt likeGod gave her the brother. Eddy like this idea, and he wanted to introduce Jamilla to his mother, since she was like a sister to him, given by God.


Jamilla brought her new brother home. She said, “Father, this boy is like my brother.”  Her father was pleased and said, “You’re welcome here, my son.” The next  day Jamilla was introduced to Eddy’s mother.  Eddy’s mother  was very happy to see the new sister of her son. She said, “Welcome, my daughter.”


The new sister and brother received the same advice from everyone. They must  study seriously and be very polite to their teacher and to every person.


The two children were very clever and their teacher loved them very much. One day, Jamilla suggested to Eddy that their parents meet. It would be the best thing to do, and possibly their families would become good friends. Everyone was interested, and they all agreed to meet.


Jamilla brought her father to Eddy’s house to meet Eddy’s mother. Nothing was expected except a friendship, because Jamilla’s father was already planning to marry another  woman.


Suddenly, when Jamilla’s father  saw the mother of Eddy, his heart changed. Because of the warm manner in which he was welcomed, he instantly fell in love with her. Eddy’s mother never thought about being married again. She had no idea that Jamilla’s father was falling in love with her.


During their conversation, Jamilla’s father could not stop feeling so much love. By his manner of observing her, Eddy’s mother began to discover that the man had strong feelings for her. She did not know what to do, so she stayed quiet. After a wonderful afternoon of conversation, the man said that he needed to return home, but asked for Eddy’s mother’s phone number.


That was a long night for him. He did not sleep because he kept thinking about of the woman. In the morning, he became sick, and phoned Eddy’s mother. He asked her to bring him tea. The woman prepared it quickly and told Eddy to bring her to Jamilla’s home. Eddy was surprised. He asked, “Why are you going to Jamilla’s house? What are you going to do there?”  His mother answered that Jamilla’s father was sick.


Quickly, Eddy brought his mother and arrived at Jamilla’s house. When Jamilla’s father saw Eddy’s mom (his new dear friend) he became well.  He was cured. He said, “I was sick because of my love for you. I can only live if you marry me.” He said if she refused, he would surely die, and Jamilla would be left an orphan.


Jamilla and Eddy were following this conversation. Although it was quick, they both said that the idea was very good. Jamilla’s father said again, “Eddy will not only be the brother of Jamilla, now he will be my son.”


Eddy’s mother was overwhelmed, but agreed. She said that she would return after two days. Jamilla’s father, his daughter and his new son were excited, because they were going to be forming one family. 


After two days, Eddy’s mother asked her friends to accompany her and they all arrived at Jamilla’s house. There was a big feast and a wedding, and Jamilla and Eddy became sister and brother.


After some months, the man and his wife thought back about how they came to know and love each other. They realized that their children were the promoters of their love, and it was time to prepare a big feast just for them.


Now, Eddy and Jamilla study in secondary school. Their parents gave birth to two more children, a son and a daughter. They all live as a family and they have happiness because of their children.

The two children did a good and unforgettable act for their family.




Written by Emmanuel MBONIHANKUYE

Bujumbura -Burundi



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